Platformer / Shooter Spectacular Sparky Announced For Switch

Platformer / Shooter Spectacular Sparky Announced For Switch

Platforming fans will soon get to embark on a wacky new adventure with a fresh and adorably insane hero!

Publisher Nicalis and developer FreakZone Games have announced platformer / shooter Spectacular Sparky for Nintendo Switch and PC, with a launch date of 20 October 2021 and price tag of $19.99 USD. The game will see players controlling the intergalactic bounty hunter Sparky – as he runs and guns through 24 bombastic levels!

Check out the official trailer below with more details:

Spectacular Sparky is an action-packed platformer / shooter with wacky characters, explosive weapons and boss battles to treasure. Sparky is an adorably insane intergalactic bounty hunter who can dash through obstacles, fire his weapons in any direction and even extend his jumps by flapping his long space-rabbit ears. Each time he brings down a boss, his connected confidante Shigg (half-shark, half-pig) is ready to point him in the direction of yet another space fugitive.

In the grand tradition of irreverent 1990s video-game heroes, Spectacular Sparky is as sassy as he is fearless. His voice-acted wisecracks and sarcastic jabs tend to get under the skin of his enemies in a most amusing fashion. And his universe is awash with spikes, lava, buzzsaws, super-saturated colors, slick parallax scrolling and mega-driven music, the way every game ought to be.

Key Features

  • A modern homage to the golden age of white-gloved 16-bit video-game mascots.
  • Dozens of delightful story scenes featuring full voice acting and a host of outrageous characters.
  • Five challenging worlds with 24 levels, each with a bombastic boss battle at the end.
  • Five powerful weapon types, including blasters, flamethrowers and homing missiles.
  • Five unique vehicles that Sparky can pilot, including a spaceship, hang glider and lava jet ski.
  • Five difficulty settings, from Supercasual to Supernightmare.
  • Three game modes. (What?! Not five?)
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