PlatinumGames Opens Mysterious ‘Platinum4’ Website

PlatinumGames Opens Mysterious ‘Platinum4’ Website

Lately, we’ve been hearing many murmurs about the studio PlatinumGames possibly teasing some big reveals soon – with many even speculating about Bayonetta or Wonderful 101 news for Switch. Well, it looks like something is indeed cooking under the hood at PlatinumGames!

Just a few hours ago, the company launched a mysterious new website with the hashtag #Platinum4. Visiting the website itself only yields more questions – as it displays a large ‘4’ that distorts with static once every few seconds.

You can check out this link to the website below:

Of course, no one has any idea what PlatinumGames is thinking with this teaser. Could it be planning to reveal info about 4 games? A new IP? Or maybe a fourth title in some longer-running series?

All we can do is wait for PlatinumGames to announce what they have in store in the future! We’ll report back when we hear more.