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Nintendo Switch Lite In Tabletop Mode With This Stand | NintendoSoup
Play Your Nintendo Switch Lite In Tabletop Mode With This Stand

Play Your Nintendo Switch Lite In Tabletop Mode With This Stand

Japanese accessory maker Columbus Circle has announced a new accessory for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The accessory is called TPU Grip Stand which does a few things. First, it protects the back of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Second, it has a kickstand so you can… sort of play it in Tabletop Mode. Last but not least, there are ergonomic grips at the back of the stand that let you play in comfort.

Pictures below:


And this is how the packaging looks like:

The TPU Grip Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite is scheduled to launch October 31, 2019 in Japan. Pre-order via Amazon Japan here (ships worldwide).