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China | NintendoSoup
Pokemon adidas Neo Products Officially Announced In China

Pokemon adidas Neo Products Officially Announced In China

We have exciting news for Pokemon and adidas fans – the rumored adidas Pokemon sneakers have turned out to be real.

adidas has officially announced a new line of Pokemon adidas Neo products in mainland China. These include sneakers, hats, and various Pokemon apparel:

If you purchase the entire set, here’s how it would look like for male trainers:

And female trainers:

Apparently there’s also gonna be exclusive adidas Neo purchase bonuses in the form of Pikachu plushies and Pokemon figurines.

Although it’s not stated that these are exclusive to China, they very well might be as adidas has not announced a worldwide release at this time. Pokemon adidas Neo is scheduled to launch May 10, 2019 in China.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.