Pokemon Center Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee Trainer Merchandise Revealed

Pokemon Center Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee Trainer Merchandise Revealed

The Pokemon Company has announced special Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee merchandise launching exclusively at Pokemon Center locations in Japan on November 16, 2018.

This line of merchandise features Pikachu and Eevee plushies and mascots wearing costumes you can find in the game, trainer accessories, and much more.

Here’s a sample of what to expect:

The merchandise launches November 16, 2018 at Pokemon Center locations across Japan and Amazon Japan. We will let you know once pre-orders go live on Amazon Japan.

See the full list of products, prices, and images below.

Plush Pikachu(Sport Wear) 1,800 yen (★)
Plush Pikachu(PT) 1,800 yen (★)
Plush Pikachu(Professor’s Assistant) 1,800 yen (★)
Plush Eevee(Sport Wear) 1,800 yen (★)
Plush Eevee(PT) 1,800 yen (★)
Plush Eevee(Professor’s Assistant) 1,800 yen (★)
Mascot Pikachu(Fluffy Hair) 1,000 yen (★)
Mascot Pikachu(Flower Decoration) 1,000 yen (★)
Mascot Eevee(Curl) 1,000 yen (★)
Mascot Eevee(Flower Decoration) 1,000 yen (★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Pikachu 3,000 yen (★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Eevee 3,000 yen (★)
Pouch Male Trainer 1,800 yen (★)
Pouch Female Trainer 1,800 yen (★)
A4 Clear File New Adventure 240 yen
Post Card New Adventure 150 yen
Poster 850 yen (★)
Half Blanket  3,800 yen (★)
A4 Clear File  240 yen
Microfiber Hand Towel  680 yen (★)
Sticker  500 yen (★)
A5 Ring Notebook  650 yen (★)
Mug  1,200 yen (★)
Acrylic Charm Collection  500 yen (10 designs, cannot be chosen)
Pokemon TCG Deck Case and Deck Shield  1,000 yen (★)
Nintendo Switch Smart Pouch EVA  2,280 yen
Nintendo Switch Card Case 24  1,300 yen
Nintendo Switch Cover with Stand  2,400 yen

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked(★)will be available on Amazon Japan