Pokemon Center Reveals Ditto Transforms Into Pokemon Merch

Pokemon Center Reveals Ditto Transforms Into Pokemon Merch

The Pokemon Company has announced a new line of Ditto merchandise called “It’s Ditto” for Pokemon Center in Japan.

The latest merchandise features Ditto transforming into other Pokemon. These include bean bags, pouches, blankets, and towels.

It’s Ditto will go on sale at Pokemon Center locations and Amazon Japan on October 27, 2018. We’ll let you know once pre-orders ship worldwide.

Check out the pictures, products, and prices below.

Grape Gummy 800 yen
Beanbag 3,000 yen (★)
Beanbag Ditto Pikachu 3,000 yen (★)
Two Piece Acrylic Charm Collection 600 yen ※(6 to collect. Design cannot be chosen)
Boston Bag 5,000 yen (★)
Pouch 1,600 yen (★)
Travel Pouch 2,200 yen (★)
Mesh Pouch 1,500 yen (★)
Pen Pouch 1,200 yen (★)
PC/Tablet Case 2,800 yen (★)
Mug with Lid 1,400 yen (★)
Masking Tape 600 yen (★)
A4 Clear File 240 yen
Croquis Book S 680 yen (★)
A6 Memo 400 yen
A5PET Sticker 500 yen (★)
Blanket 3,000 yen (★)
Daicut Hand Towel 500 yen (★)
Face Towel 1,000 yen (★)

Items marked with (★)will be available on Amazon Japan

All items exclusive of 8% sales tax