Pokemon Go Has More Active Users Than Uber

Pokemon Go Has More Active Users Than Uber

If you were to make a quick guess if there are more active users on Uber or on Pokemon Go, it is not unreasonable to think that the ride-sharing platform is on the upper hand. However, things can’t be any more wrong.

According to an article from Guardian, although the game is far from its 300 million players peak at only 60 million active users today, it is still 50% more users than the 40 million active Uber.

Pokémon Go is unlikely to be as popular again as it was in 2016, when around 300 million people were playing it. But, ironically, the 60 million who are playing it now are having a better experience, and they are enough to make Pokémon Go a billion-dollar business, as well as a great community of people. (By comparison, Uber has 40 million active users.)

Looks like there are more aspiring Pokemon masters than people needing rides.