Pokemon GO Holidays Start December 18th

Pokemon GO Holidays Start December 18th

Pokemon GO Live has just announced that Pokemon GO will be celebrating the holidays with the return of the Delivery Pokémon, Delibird.

There will also be promotions for Ice-Type Pokemon, Delibird themed outfits for Trainers, and Festive Hat Pikachu. It looks like it will be easier to catch the newest Ice-Type Pokemon from Generation 4, Snover and Abomasnow.

Starting on December 18, Ice-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild, including Jynx, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal, and Snover! Certain other Pokémon are also getting into the festivities—you might see holiday-ready Pokémon, such as a Pikachu wearing a festive hat, until January 2!

To keep the celebrations coming, there will be plenty of bonuses throughout the event! From December 18 to December 22, Trainers will be able to enjoy double Candy for catching and transferring Pokémon.

Then, from December 22 to December 26, earn double Catch Stardust to help power up your Pokémon!

From December 26 to December 30, earn double XP when you catch Pokémon to help you reach a higher Trainer level before the new year!

Finally, from December 30 to January 2, Incubators will be twice as effective. Make sure you check in regularly to take advantage of all these exciting bonuses!

Excited about showing your holiday spirit? Outfit your avatar with the Delibird-themed sweater, gloves, and boots, available on December 18 in the Style Shop!

The three Lake Guardians, Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf, can also be seen floating in the promotional image so it’s possible that they might be coming to Raid Battles but we can’t say for certain just yet. The Pokemon GO festivities will end January 2nd.