Pokemon Go Might Have Another Christmas Event This Year

Pokemon Go Might Have Another Christmas Event This Year

Last year we had Santa Pikachu to celebrate Pokemon Go’s first Christmas and it is also likely that we would be seeing the same this year.

Eagled eye Redditor kk5566, spotted a Pokemon Go update note on the Taiwanese Google Play store. The translation by kk5566 goes:

Full translation :

Catch new sale and Pokemons!

Updated time : 12/14 2017

Pokemon GO provides best anniversary sale and event. More details :

Why we love this :

  1. Special sale boxes include incubator and new item “Star Piece” .
  2. Catch more than 10 kinds new Pokemons from Hoenn region.
  3. Discover the present-delivering Pokemon Delibird and a special festival Pikachu.

From the picture behind, I guess “special festival Pikachu”= Pikachu wearing festive hat.

Probably also Pichu wearing festive hat?

It is likely that Niantic will have a holiday-themed event, especially since it was done last year as well. So hopefully Niantic will confirm the holiday event soon so all of us can catch that Santa Pichu(!!!) too. You can read the full Reddit thread here.