Pokemon Let’s GO Delayed In Philippines

Pokemon Let’s GO Delayed In Philippines

UPDATE – November 15, 8am PT: GameXtreme has informed customers the games will arrive on November 16, the original release date. DataBlitz says it’ll arrive on time.

We are receiving preliminary reports that Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee has been delayed in Philippines.

The delay affects multiple retailers and all Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee products due for November 16 – Poke Ball Plus, standard edition, Poke Ball Plus set, and the console bundle.

At the time of writing, we have learned that the game has been pushed back to November 17 at a retailer called GameXtreme. This will probably also affect DataBlitz and iTech. No reason was given for the delay other than “advice by” Active Boeki (Maxs0ft).

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