Pokemon Masters Players Upset To Discover The Guaranteed 5-Star Banner Is Paid Only

Pokemon Masters Players Upset To Discover The Guaranteed 5-Star Banner Is Paid Only

Pokemon Masters has only been out globally for a few days, but it seems it might already be attracting some ill will from its players.

Some time ago, dataminers discovered evidence for a “5★-Guaranteed Launch Celebration Scout” scouting event (similar to a Summon Showcase and New Heroes event), which suggested that players would be able to acquire a guaranteed 5* Sync Pair when using the game’s Sync Scout feature. In a game where 5* Sync Pairs are fairly rare, a guaranteed banner was an exciting prospect for many players.

However, upon the game’s launch, fans discovered to their dismay that this guaranteed 5* feature was limited to paid currency only. This means that rather than using the free gems they had obtained from playing the story, they would have to use real money to buy a few packs from the in-game store to make use of the guaranteed 5* banner.

While a distinction between free and paid currency exists in a few other gacha games (including Dragalia Lost), Pokemon Masters players are not happy with this revelation. Not only is it viewed as especially predatory due to Pokemon’s large child audience, but it also came along with a number of nerfs from the preview version of the game.

As a result, many players have taken to the game’s subreddit to voice their frustrations with DeNA and The Pokemon Company.

Check out some of the comments below:

I’ve played quite a few gatcha games in my time. Not once have I ever seen something so.. ignorant? Predatory? I don’t even know what kind of word to describe it with. It’s just downright crappy to fans and the playerbase.

Launch day: Evolution prices just skyrocketed and the launch “celebration” is a P2W restricted event. And this is just DeNa devs saying hi.

Wait wait wait wait. Hol up. You can only get the discounted pulls with PAID gems!?! So all this work I out onto getting gems to get the pulls I cant because I didnt PAY for them? What do you call the last 5 hours of playing!?!

Just uninstalled the game

Yeah now where do I get the money for 3000 paig gems

Steal some Pokémon for a job. I know a guy. Says he’s with Team Ricochet or something like that

This has to the be the WORST launch celebration i’ve ever seen. And i’ve played quite a few gachas.

If this is the beginning, between p2w banners, stingy gems gifts, paid vs non-paid gems, nerfed progression, etc… this is not going to end up well.

I’m disappointed as well. To have such a crappy mechanic that is technically on a game aimed towards a younger audience.

They need some kind of benefit for a free gem 10 pull. Paid gems can have a better benefit, but give us poor souls something at least.

Dragalia just gave everyone 12 free pulls today just for updating the game. Pokemon masters can’t even be bothered to give 5 for launching.

Yeah after reading all these posts I just uninstalled the game as well. Plenty of other gacha games I like that deserve my time and money far more than this.

If you are dissatisfied with the state of the game’s monetization model such as paid-only banners, there is an option for Feedback in Poryphone -> Other -> Customer Support.

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