Pokemon Masters Will Include A Way To Recruit Specific Sync Pairs Of The Player’s Choice

Pokemon Masters Will Include A Way To Recruit Specific Sync Pairs Of The Player’s Choice

Over the past few days various gaming news outlets have been covering their first impressions of Pokemon Masters from a hands-on demo provided to the press. Among these impressions is a key detail about the game’s monetisation model that some players may be interested to know.

Much like Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost, Pokemon Masters is a “Gacha Game” where players randomly “roll” for different playable characters to add to their roster. This feature typically uses premium currency, and a common frustration with these games is that the player never manages to get the characters they want due to the random nature of rolls.

However, it seems that Pokemon Masters is set to include a “safety net” of sorts which will allow players to completely bypass randomness and choose which Sync Pair they want. The following comes from an article written by USGamer, which describes a feature called “Scout Points”.

It costs 300 Gems to roll for a new Sync Pair, and Gems are both earned in-game or can be bought. (Sync Scouts are the only monetization in the game; all other items, like potions for battle, can only be earned in-game.)

With each Sync Pair roll, you earn 3 Scout points. Upon reaching 400 Scout points, you’ll be able to buy any Sync Pair you want.

Of course, depending on how generous the developers are with premium currency, it will still likely take many hours of playing in order to reach the 400 Scout Points necessary to use this feature. Even so, having the option takes a lot of pressure off players to roll for new characters since the option to get their favorites using Scout Points is there.

That said, while the game is still not available to the public all this is subject to change in the future. We will be sure to bring more updates on any limitations or catches to this Scout Points feature as they come.

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