Pyra/Mythra Were Codenamed “Eflame/Elight” In Smash Ultimate

Pyra/Mythra Were Codenamed “Eflame/Elight” In Smash Ultimate

After the release of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 11.0.0 update, we finally know the codenames Pyra and Mythra were given during development.

According to sources shared by PushDustin, Pyra and Mythra were codenamed “eflame” and “elight” individually, and codenamed “element” as a pair. The codenames quite obviously reference their elemental abilities, as well as being possible English meanings for their Japanese names “Homura” and “Hikari”.

For reference, here are the codenames given to the other members of Fighter’s Pass 2:

  1. Min Min = Tantan
  2. Steve = Pickel
  3. Sephiroth = Edge

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