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ju, y, o, 4r, 7gs, g, s, 6, udc, Random: Animal Crossing Fans Are Reimagining Real-Life Albums As K.K. Slider Music Covers | NintendoSoup
Random: Animal Crossing Fans Are Reimagining Real-Life Albums As K.K. Slider Music Covers

Random: Animal Crossing Fans Are Reimagining Real-Life Albums As K.K. Slider Music Covers

As many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans will know, the game features many music CDs with artwork of K.K Slider – a wandering dog musician. While his in-game discography is nothing to scoff at, however, it looks like some fans have taken it upon themselves to expand the canine’s list of platinum hits into the real world!

Namely, a number of artists have been re-imagining various real-life music CDs as ones sung by K.K. Slider – complete with matching cover art! Many of them even have fun tweaking the album names to fit into the world of Animal Crossing – giving us cheesy titles like ‘My Khemical Slider’, ‘Stardog’ and more!

Here are just a few fun examples you’ll find online below. See if you recognize them!

What do you think of these fun mash-ups of K.K. Slider and real-world musicians? What other album covers would you love to see in this style? Feel free to share your thoughts below!