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At The New Xbox Series X's Unique Shape, Calling It A Tall GameCube | NintendoSoup
Random: Fans Poke Fun At The New Xbox Series X’s Unique Shape, Calling It A Tall GameCube

Random: Fans Poke Fun At The New Xbox Series X’s Unique Shape, Calling It A Tall GameCube

Earlier today, Microsoft formerly revealed its upcoming new console – the Xbox Series X. One of its most unique features is that it looks like a clean vertical cuboid, which has apparently spurred some folks to draw odd comparisons with another older console.

In particular, some gaming fans have thrown a little shade at the Xbox Series X for looking like a taller version of Nintendo’s GameCube – or rather, multiple GameCubes in a stack. A few even photoshopped their own ‘tall’ GameCubes to keep the laughs flowing:

It’s definitely not difficult to see where they’re coming from, since the Xbox Series X looks like a clean square from the top. If anything, now we know what a hypothetical GameCube successor could have looked like – if Nintendo decided to make one in the past!