Random: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Glitch Allows Players To Clone Infinite Shinies

Random: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Glitch Allows Players To Clone Infinite Shinies

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet players have discovered a glitch that can allow players to obtain infinite Shiny Pokemon in their game.

This method is similar to the one discovered for Pokemon Legends Arceus, requiring players to first encounter a Shiny Pokemon in the wild before they can pull off the glitch. However, unlike the Legends Arceus shiny glitch, this one can potentially be done with any Pokemon that spawns in the overworld.

This glitch follows these basic steps:

  1. Turn off auto-save in the Options menu.
  2. Find a Shiny Pokemon in the wild.
    • This is the hardest step in the process, but can be made easier by using Mass Outbreaks or Meal Powers.
  3. Catch the Shiny Pokemon, and remember where it is.
  4. After catching the Pokemon, make your way on foot to a different area from where you caught the shiny. You will know when you have crossed into another area when the location name appears at the top of the screen. Be careful not to trigger any other wild Pokemon encounters or trainer battles.
    • The chances of successfully pulling off this glitch is much higher if you encountered the Shiny close to an area border, such as next to a town or near a Pokemon center.
  5. After the location text at the top of the screen fades away, save the game manually.
  6. Press the home button to exit the game and close it.
  7. Reload the game and make your way back on foot to where you found the Shiny Pokemon.
  8. The Shiny Pokemon you caught will respawn there again, allowing you to capture it again.
  9. Repeat from Step 4.

You can watch a video of the glitch in action below, along with an explanation for how it works via Youtuber Blaines:

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