Random: Here’s What Happens When You Skip Pokemon Scarlet/Violet’s Tutorial Using A Glitch

Random: Here’s What Happens When You Skip Pokemon Scarlet/Violet’s Tutorial Using A Glitch

As many are well aware, Pokemon Scarlet And Violet have a lot of bizarre glitches and bugs, with players discovering more and more every day.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, at least one player has managed to exploit the game’s buggy state to skip the tutorial and jump straight into the open world. As the tutorial is quite long, this could have potentially been helpful for players who wanted to jump right into the more interesting parts.

Sadly, according to u/GalaxyHunter17, the player who tried this in their own copy, skipping the tutorial has some unintended consequences that will prevent the player from actually completing the game.

You can read the full details past the spoiler warning below.

In a nutshell, although its possible to skip the tutorial by going to a pair of cliffs which separate starting area from one of the lategame areas. After getting into the right position, players can throw their Pokeball to trigger a Wild Pokemon battle in the aforementioned lategame area. Due to the way Wild Pokemon battles work, the player will be teleported over the gap between the two cliffs and find themselves in the aforementioned lategame area.

After this is done, players are then able to explore the entire open-world map on foot. However, while they can still catch Pokemon and level up, they will not actually be able to progress any of the three story paths. Gym buildings will be locked, and Team Star bases will be abandoned. This means players will ultimately have to backtrack and play through the tutorial normally if they want to actually finish the game.

Skipping School: an Scarlet and Violet Glitch from pokemon

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