Random: Zacian Caught Moonwalking In Pokemon Sword/Shield

Random: Zacian Caught Moonwalking In Pokemon Sword/Shield

As many will know, Zacian is the fearsome blade-wielding legendary from Pokemon Sword/Shield – capable of learning such moves like Swords Dance. Recently however, one fan appears to have caught it performing a different kind of dance altogether!

As you’ll see below, this player’s Zacian somehow began walking in reverse – making it resemble the late singer Micheal Jackson’s ‘moonwalk’ maneuver. It’s likely that the Corviknight in front of Zacian was pushing it backwards – but that doesn’t stop this bizarre scene from looking any less entertaining!

Of course, some fans decided to inject the video with even more of Micheal Jackson’s smooth tunes afterwards:

Regardless of the debate surrounding Pokemon Sword/Shield‘s animations, this is one silver lining that everyone can at least chuckle at together. Now we’re curious to see other Pokemon moonwalking in the game, as well!