Reggie Explains His Role In Nintendo Directs

Reggie Explains His Role In Nintendo Directs

Nintendo of America COO and President Reggie Fils-Aime has appeared in many Nintendo Direct presentations, but not many know about what he does behind the scenes.

In a Game Informer interview, Reggie said that he is heavily involved in the scripting, positioning, and approval processes when it comes to making a Direct. By the time a Direct goes live, Reggie has already watched it “many, many times”.

Reggie says it is really fulfilling to see how people comment and react to the Nintendo Direct, especially at E3 where he could hear the gasp from a few hundred people.

It’s not that I don’t want to see it again, but my role maybe is unique in that I am in the Direct. The scripting, and the positioning, I’m heavily involved in. The approval process I’m heavily involved in. By the time the public sees the Direct, I’ve seen it many, many times. Typically, I’m here on site, getting ready to present to retailers or part of our community. I like to watch it and to see the comments and the reaction. That to me is what is satisfying, and it helps us understand if what we tried to create is achieving its objective.

What’s great about seeing it [at E3] is we had it on the big-screen at the booth. I could hear the gasp coming from a few hundred people here. To get those reactions live is really fulfilling.