Renaine Arrives 2019 On Switch

Renaine Arrives 2019 On Switch

Dangen Entertainment and Octosoft have announced charming and colorful high-paced platformer Renaine for Nintendo Switch.

Renaine is scheduled to arrive in 2019 on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the first details below:

Renaine is a charming and colorful high-paced platformer all about overcoming failure as Aine, the Phoenix Knight, embarks on a quest to defeat an invincible dragon and avenge her friend, Ren. Hop, Bop, and Roll through the charming world of Lineria as you learn new skills and collect powerful emblems that upgrade your knight in unique ways, giving tons of customization options that can completely change how the game is played from adding a combo meter to discovering the wonders of compound interest.

The music of Renaine is a jazzy hybrid of east and western influences with several collaborators from around the globe, offering a unique twist. From hip hop to anime-inspired rock, we are collaborating with artists such as Substantial (Nujabes) and Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss). Renaine has some of the most unique and high-level talent ever assembled on an indie game soundtrack ever.

  • An adventure through an intriguing world steeped in history and whimsy
  • Colorful characters and puzzling quests that explore Renaine’s rich lore
  • Smooth and responsive gameplay, perfect for speedrunning or just feelin’ good!
  • Dozens of emblems and permanent upgrades to acquire and master
  • Buttery smooth animation running at 60fps
  • Vibrant, unique, art by Atsuzaki, THC Gourami and SinclairStrange
  • An unforgettable, hi-fidelity soundtrack by Mason Lieberman with guests like Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss), Substantial (Nujabes) and Casey Lee Williams (RWBY)
  • Chompy!