Risk Of Rain 2 Receives Free Local Multiplayer Update

Risk Of Rain 2 Receives Free Local Multiplayer Update

Gearbox has rolled out a Skills 2.0 update for Risk of Rain 2 on Nintendo Switch today.

The update adds many new features and items as well as local multiplayer on Nintendo Switch.

Trailer and details:

Risk of Rain 2 for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch has rolled out the Skills 2.0 update, completely free for all owners of the game. The update introduces the Skills 2.0 system, Loader, Siren’s Call stage and boss, plus more loot.

This update also introduces local wireless multiplayer on Nintendo Switch and voice chat on PS4.

Scorched Acres update includes:

  • New Survivor – Loader: Players can unlock and assume control of the new Survivor, the Loader, who fits the role of a bruiser that excels at grappling and up-close combat.

  • Skills 2.0 – Each Survivor has a new set of Survivor-specific Challenges that, once completed, unlock new individual skills or skins. Mix and match skills and fine-tune a Survivor’s kit to perfection! More skills and skins will be added in future updates.

  • Siren’s Call – Dive into the mossy depths of Siren’s Call and challenge its unique boss.

  • New Items and Equipment – New dangerous additions made to the Survivors’ ever-growing library of tools of the trade.