Rumor: 2022 Sonic Game’s Title, Plot, And Gameplay Details Leaked Online

Rumor: 2022 Sonic Game’s Title, Plot, And Gameplay Details Leaked Online

Several hours ago, SEGA announced that a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog game was in the works for 2022, sharing little details aside from a short cutscene and mysterious logo.

Since then, a new rumor has been drawing a great amount of attention from fans. This rumor originated on the imageboard 4chan, and is seen to be credible as it lines up with a few hidden things about the reveal trailer.

The rumor supposedly leaks the game’s official title, as well as a number of key plot and gameplay details, so only read on past the spoiler warning if you’re fine with potential spoilers:

The first key element of this rumor is a discovery shared by modder @PTKickass on Twitter. According to PTKickass’ post, the metadata for the new Sonic game trailer contains references to term “Sonic Rangers”, which some felt seemed like it could be the game’s unannounced title:

Running on this line of speculation, fans then managed to pull up some anonymous posts published on 4chan back in January 2021, where the user claimed to have focus tested a new Sonic game called “Sonic Rangers”. This user described the game as being “open-world” in the style of Breath Of The Wild, and discussed his experience playing through a demo stage and a boss battle:

This post was then followed up by another anonymous post published a few hours before the trailer was revealed on stream, sharing similar details:

Of course, until we obtain more trailers from SEGA that corroborate this information, we advise readers to take these rumors with a grain of salt. We will be sure to report back with more details as they come.

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