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x4x, m8t, 6z, ik, a2j, p0, w, 9qd, a, n, 6, n37, l, Rumor: Dataminers Discover Potential Future Content Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 | NintendoSoup
Rumor: Dataminers Discover Potential Future Content Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Rumor: Dataminers Discover Potential Future Content Coming To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Thanks to early copies of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, dataminers have managed to uncover some interesting files that could hint at upcoming content being added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

The first set of datamined files are related to playable characters within the game. These cover all 36 known playable characters so far, but also include the names of 4 additional characters that aren’t playable in the base game. These are Blackbolt, Medusa, Valkyrie and Vision. Notably, Cyclops and Colossus are not in this list even though they have been confirmed to be coming as the first free update to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

It is possible that the four characters listed were originally going to be playable in the base game, but were dummied out for unknown reasons. In any case, the fact that files exist for Blackbolt, Medusa, Valkyrie and Vision in the base game gives them a slightly higher chance that they will be announced as a free update down the line.

Next are datamined files for costumes. In total, each character appears to have up to five files for alternate costumes, although early reports suggest that there is only one alternate color per character in the base game so far. Notably, some dataminers report that Valkyrie also has files for alternate costumes despite not being playable, providing further evidence that she may be coming to the game at some point.

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