Rumor: Dataminers Uncover All Free Story Mode Sync Pairs For Pokemon Masters Up To Chapter 18

Rumor: Dataminers Uncover All Free Story Mode Sync Pairs For Pokemon Masters Up To Chapter 18

Previously, we reported on which of Pokemon Masters‘ many Sync Pairs are available as free recruits over the course of the game’s story mode. Today, it seems dataminers have uncovered a few more free Sync Pairs that will be coming to the game, possibly when it launches officially later this year.

Currently, the story mode for the preview version of Pokemon Masters only goes up to Chapter 13, with each chapter adding a new Sync Pair to the player’s roster upon completion. Dataminers have since managed to pull a full list of all story recruited Sync Pairs up to Chapter 18, the amount of chapters the developers previously hinted the game would launch with.

For reference, we provide a full list of free Sync Pairs unlocked through the story below. The newly datamined characters are highlighted in bold.

  1. Brock & Onix
  2. Misty & Starmie
  3. Rosa & Snivy
  4. Barry & Piplup
  5. Flannery & Torkoal
  6. Erika & Vileplume
  7. Skyla & Swanna
  8. Korrina & Lucario
  9. Norman & Slakoth
  10. Pryce & Seel
  11. Iris & Haxorus
  12. Hapu & Mudsdale
  13. Brock & Tyranitar (Sygna Gear)
  14. Hau & Alolan Raichu
  15. Flint & Infernape
  16. Clair & Kingdra
  17. Viola & Surskit
  18. Nanu & Alolan Persian
  19. Koga & Crobat
  20. Acerola & Palossand
  21. Cheren & Stoutland

Once again, these is not a complete list of all the trainers currently available for play in Pokemon Masters. The bulk of the game’s playable cast is only accessible through the game’s Sync Pair Scout system, for which a full list of available Sync Pairs can be found here.

Pokemon Masters is scheduled to launch sometime in Summer 2019. A preview of the game is now live for Android devices in Singapore, with plans for it to hit Canada sometime later.

What do you think? Are any of your favorites on this list? Let us know in the comments below.