Rumor: Fire Emblem Switch Story And Character Details Leaked

Rumor: Fire Emblem Switch Story And Character Details Leaked

Potential story, mechanics, and character details about the upcoming Fire Emblem title coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 may have been leaked.

This information comes from 4chan and is compiled by Fire Emblem fansite Serene’s Forest. Take it with a pinch of salt.


  • A Gothic Horror theme. Darker and more mature, but not “M” rated. More like the Jugdral games.
  • Two sides – Humans and Kibaire.
  • Avatar plays a more Villainous role. Camus-like anti-hero.
  • the Fire Emblem – a sundial. Gathers energy from the sun and the moon. Can either empower or destroy the Kibaire. Both Sides are seeking it.



  • Alain – Protagonist. Knight Errant class. Uses a Sword. Upholds the dominant religion and firmly believes in it. Learned to see the Kibaire as a threat. His mission is to unite the humans in a war against the Kibaire.
  • Huon – The “Jagen”. A laid-back Great Knight. Past his prime. Aids Alain on his mission.
  • Gwendolen – Myrmidon. Self- Proclaimed Kibaire Hunter.
  • Godfrey – Class Unknown. A knight said to resort to extreme measures.


  • Dracul (Avatar) – Vassal Class. Camus-like Anti-hero. Bastard Prince(ss). Might be able to choose personality.
  • Mirela – One of the Red & Green units. Known for their wizard prowess. Optimistic and energetic.
  • Miruna – One of the Red & Green units. Know for their wizard prowess. Quieter and Calmer.
  • Felix – Impaler. Recruited from bandits (Navarre).


  • Knight Errant – Alain’s Class. Mounted, Sword. Gains Lances on promotion.
  • Hunter
  • Monk
  • Bard
  • Vassal – Avatar’s Class. Player chooses weapon type.
  • Witch
  • Summoner
  • Succubus
  • Imp – functions like a thief.
  • Impaler – Lance using class.
  • Moonshifter/ “Laurel Wreath” – Laguz-like. 3 “tribes”. Wolf, Bat, Dragon. More like the Taguel, Wolfskin, and Kitsune.
  • Hippogriff Rider – Flying, Bows. Might be female exclusive.
  • Dark Rider – Mounted, Swords and Axes.
  • Merman – Pirate-like.
  • Phantom – Anima Mage.
  • Vestal – Variation of the cleric.
  • Wizard – New name for dark mages.


  • Balance of old and new mechanics. Trying to please both sides of the fanbase.
  • Returning Features:
  • Supports – Marriages, no children.
  • Pair-up
  • Weapon Triangle – Pre-Fates.
  • 3 Types of Magic – Dark, Light, Anima.
  • Skills
  • Sol and Luna – effects are swapped.
  • Wireless multiplayer
  • V.S.
  • Double Duel – Similar to Awakening’s mode.
  • Arena – 4 player Free-For-All from the GBA era.
  • New Features:
  • Day/ Night Cycle – Stronger Monsters appear at night.
  • Amiibo – unlock special maps against enemies themed from the map’s origin. When beaten, you unlock an S-rank weapon. Elincia’s Gambit, Hinoka, Leo (the chapters), and Marth’s Embarks are among them.
  • Artist – Kotaro Yamada. Drew Lyn and Narcian in FE:Heroes. 3ds style aesthetics. 2D sprites on a 3D environment.
  • Full Voice Acting. Avatar’s name is skipped.