Rumor: Unannounced New Pokemon Datamined For Pokemon Unite

Rumor: Unannounced New Pokemon Datamined For Pokemon Unite

In addition to Pokemon Unite‘s existing roster, we know that Blastoise and Gardevoir will be joining the playable cast of Pokemon in the near future, with many more to be added afterwards.

Recently, dataminers may have discovered another new Pokemon that will be coming to the game soon, one that has yet to be officially announced by The Pokemon Company and Tencent. The datamined info also reportedly includes the Pokemon’s role, as well as its potential moveset.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can see the info after the spoiler warning below:

The datamined Pokemon is none other than Blissey, the Happiness Pokemon and evolved form of Chansey. According to the details documented by French fansite Pokekalos, Blissey is a Support type Pokemon that starts out as Chansey, and has the following moves and abilities in Pokemon Unite (translation shared by u/treeblingcalf):

Ability: Natural Cure. Removes status effects and goes on cooldown.

Boosted attack deals more damage.

Skill 1: Pound. Deals damage and slows.

Skill 2: Heal Pulse. Heal allies overtime.

Lv4 upgrade: Egg Bomb. AOE skillshot with knockback. + Slows down enemies.

Or Helping Hand. Increase movespeed and attack speed of an ally. Boosts attacks when duration ends. + Boosted attacks deals more damage.

Lv6 upgrade: Softboiled. Stack up to three eggs and throw them at your allies to heal them and yourself. + Increase number of eggs by 1.

Or Heal Bell. Removed CC and become CC immune for a short time. Targets on an ally. + Grants a shield.

Unite move: Blissassitance? Jumps towards an ally, shield them and boost their atk and sp. atk. Blissey takes some of the damage dealt to the ally pokemon. Used on enemy, the move knock backs.

Of course, without official confirmation from The Pokemon Company, we caution readers to take this info with a grain of salt, as plans could always change somewhere down the line. We will be sure to report back with more details as they come.

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