Rumour: Super Mario Run to Get Massive New Update

Rumour: Super Mario Run to Get Massive New Update

After being briefly taken down yesterday then restored back, the sources at Nintendo Wire (link) have noted a few changes in the pushed update before it was taken down. Most notably, a new mode was added into the game itself.

From their sources here are some of the changes in the update:

  1. Updated icon (Mario winking to left)
  2. “loading screen featuring Mario jumping with the bottom left of the screen torn off, showing a rainbow ? Block”
  3. New X10 run game mode — the game mode consist of “10 quick, 10-second levels where the player collects three rainbow coins before reaching the Goal Pole”
  4. X10 run mode is about saving Daisy and requires Toad rally tickets to play
  5. “Halfway through a set of 10 levels(of X10 run) players find a second playable character on the map, and must switch to that character to play the next five levels, which will be slightly harder.”
  6. “Music in X 10 Run consists of remixed tracks from previous Mario games, featuring vocals from a woman.”

If the rumours hold true then looks like gamers are going to expect a lot more in Mario’s first foray into mobile gaming. Hopefully we get to try it sooner than later.

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