Sakurai On Smash Bros. Being A Dream Project, And Playing Games For Fun

Sakurai On Smash Bros. Being A Dream Project, And Playing Games For Fun

Super Smash Bros. is a game that really appeals to a whole segment of Nintendo fans, not just that, it is a game that can bring franchises together.

That is why it is to no surprise that the game has always been a dream project for series director, Masahiro Sakurai. Speaking to Guardian, Sakurai said:

“I feel like it (Super Smash Bros.) should be a dream project for anybody who is into video games! The fact that we can collaborate with all these different people and characters and meld that all together without any inconsistencies is something I am very proud of.”

Sakurai also talked a bit more about his gaming hobby, how he enjoys games outside of his job:

“On the one hand, I play games because of my job, but on the other hand, games have this eternal, immortal attraction. Of course I do go back to old games if I need a refresher, but I think it is important to intentionally play and observe new games, to know what’s out there. Games that are coming out now are just incredible; they’re amazing. Even for people who say that they grow out of games, once they have kids and there’s a game they can play together, they return. It’s not about quitting or graduating from playing games; it’s about finding what’s enjoyable for you at that time in your life, and playing that.”

It is to no surprise that gaming is deeply ingrained into Sakurai’s DNA, be it in his job or at work. Every Smash fan will be awaiting his upcoming work on 7 December 2018.