Sakurai Owns Over 60 Controllers, Astral Chain Was Difficult To Play For Him & More

Sakurai Owns Over 60 Controllers, Astral Chain Was Difficult To Play For Him & More

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai was interviewed by Famitsu in a column where he talked about why he owns over 60 controllers, why Astral Chain was difficult to play for him and more.

Check it out below in this translation from PushDustIn:

-Sakurai has bought two of the Nintendo Switch Online Super Famicom Controllers.

-When he tested the Playstation 4 ‘Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller’, he thought that it felt nice to touch so he decided to buy one for himself.

-Astral Chain was difficult for Sakurai to play due to his tendonitis so he purchased a rapid fire controller for Switch to help with certain scenes in the game.

-Sakurai owns over sixty controllers across all his platforms that he owns. He bought many of them as he likes to have four for each console to do four player multiplayer. However, he doesn’t remember why he bought some of the controllers.

-Sakurai owns two homes. One is closer to his work so he doesn’t have to travel a long distance every day and the other is his main house which he goes to on the weekends.

-Sakurai’s home close to his work is more like his personal office where as his main house is more of his actual home.

-Sakurai owns six PS4s and six PS3s across his two homes as he likes to compete against guests he invites in games using his multiple displays.

-He likes to organize his gaming accessories so there are more easily accessible. For example, he adds labels on separate boxes that contain his HDMI cables, controllers and other items. For his old hardware he uses a storage unit underground.

-To avoid overwriting any save files, Sakurai usually keeps them saved to multiple consoles or has them saved on the cloud.


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