Shigeru Miyamoto Shares A Special Message At The Nintendo Switch Chinese Event

Shigeru Miyamoto Shares A Special Message At The Nintendo Switch Chinese Event

Earlier today at Tencent’s presentation for the Nintendo Switch launch in China, Nintendo prepared a special video message from legendary game creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

In his message, Miyamoto spoke Chinese for a few moments. He also spoke about the creation of Mario and how he wanted to provide Chinese gamers with high quality games.

Check out the video below:

Here’s Shigeru Miyamoto’s speech (machine translation):

Hello everyone. This is Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo. Or, the term “father of Mario” will be more familiar to everyone.

Please allow me to speak Japanese below. When I created Mario about 40 years ago, just like Japanese cartoonists often do, I decided to let him appear as a protagonist or supporting role in the games I make in the future. He is the symbolic representative of my work.

Mario, as everyone ’s game avatar, sometimes turns into a racer, sometimes turns into an adventurer traveling around in a magical world, turns into a huge Mario, vertical and horizontal, we through game manipulation, these “actually impossible Yes, but if it can be achieved, it will be particularly refreshing and enjoyable “for everyone.

Someone asked me why Mario ’s game series has been popular for more than 40 years. Even in the sequel of the game series, we will still attach great importance to providing players with a new game experience when developing games.

At the same time, whenever Nintendo launches a new game console, we will also launch gameplay that takes advantage of new game console features.

In addition, not only Mario’s debut game, when I create a game, I always try to think and challenge like a player to design the game. Then try this, try that, and make multiple attempts to gain something, which is the fun of interactive games, and the creative gameplay of players also makes the game more interesting.

There is another point that we take seriously. That is, our game must let families get together and have fun together. It can provide customers with a game that is easy to understand for anyone, and can make the mood happy and pleasant. I hope that when Chinese customers play Nintendo Switch in the future, we can feel these characteristics of Nintendo games together. For a long time, Nintendo has always wanted to provide Chinese customers with Nintendo’s gaming and entertainment, and now this dream has come true. I am really happy and thank you very much.

Sincere thanks to our partner Tencent.

Chinese friends, please enjoy the joy of Nintendo Switch and games.

Thanks, Brandon.