Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume Characters, Stickers, And Thoughtforms Detailed

Shoujo Jigoku No Doku Musume Characters, Stickers, And Thoughtforms Detailed

Hungry for more information on Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming RPG Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume? Well, here’s a bucket-load!

The publisher has released a whole batch of new details on the game, highlighting various characters and systems. In particular, players will be able to play as either a girl or guy ­­­­­­– and their goal is to collect 5 stickers representing that they’ve purified various poison maidens. We also get more details about Thoughtforms ­­­­, which will provide players with hints on how to purify each poison maiden!

Check it all out below, courtesy of Gematsu:

■ Prologue

After an encounter in Hell, the Poison Maiden and the protagonist (you) become two hearts in one body.

The Poison Maiden wants the protagonist’s body, while the protagonist wants to return to the world of the living. In order achieve their desires, they begin the “purification of Hell” with their sights set on reaching “Heaven.”

“If you reach Heaven, your any one wish will be granted.”

“To do so, you must collect stickers from Hells.”

In their journey to reach Heaven, the protagonist will sometimes entrust full control of his body to the Poison Maiden, while at other times carry her on his arm. The tale that unfolds is the Hell story of the Poison Maiden and the protagonist.

■ Characters

Poison Maiden (voiced by Manami Numakura)

A girl who steals your body after you end up in Hell. She comes off as having a tough attitude, but is actually quite emotional and easily moved to tears. She urges you to go to Heaven, saying, “Let’s go to Heaven and ask to for you to be returned to the world of the living!” However, she really just wants to go to ask to have her own wish granted.




The player character who decides to purify Hell with the Poison Maiden. Even after realizing the Poison Maiden’s intentions to take his body, he still cooperates with her to find out why he ended up in Hell.

Girl in Black (voiced by Yuki Kawakami)

A girl with two hearts in one body that you encounter in Hell. She is a rival aiming for Heaven like yourself, but has a cheerful and determined attitude, and will even help you out from time to time. She was touched by the circumstances and motivations of her partner, the White Poison Maiden, and offered to help with the purification of Hell. She is kind-hearted and somewhat of a simpleton.

White Poison Maiden (voiced by Mina Takagawa)

A Poison Maiden who shares a body with the Girl in Black. She adores the Girl in Black and refers to her as “My Lady,” helping her to achieve her goal of reaching Heaven. Since the Girl in Black has a naive personality, the White Poison Maiden’s behavior often comes off guardian-like. She is calm and expressionless, and therefore not very sociable.

■ Stickers

In Hell, “Higan Radio” will give you special stickers for each girl’s Hell that you successfully purify. It was announced that collecting five of these stickers, which are very valuable in this world, will allow you to go to Heaven. Each time you complete the purification of a girl’s Hell, a delivery person show up with a sticker.

■ Thoughtforms

As you collect poison, “Thoughtforms” that allow you to hear the girls’ voices will appear. By looking into a girl’s heart through a Thoughtform, you can get hints for purification in situations where you may be stuck.

■ More Characters

Dorami Mitogawa (voiced by Shizuka Arai)

A demoness who runs a gift shop near the Hell radio tower. However, since living beings rarely visit, she mainly acts as a “ferry” service to Heaven. She is profusely glamorous.

Mysterious Woman You Meet in Hell (voiced by Rikako Sumikawa)

A very mysterious woman dressed in a suit as if in the guise of a man. She seems to know about the Protagonist, who has only just arrived in Hell, and the Poison Maiden. Her words often have hidden meaning.

Dark Poison Maiden (voiced by Yumi Hara)

A mysterious Poison Maiden you encounter in Hell. “Poison Maiden” usually refers to a Delusional Being who has become one with a living being, but she does not seem to have a partner of the living. She talks in a calm Kyoto dialect and seems to operate at her own pace, but her shrewd atmosphere is a bit unsettling.

Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Japan later this year. We’ll report back as we hear more!