Shujinkou: Learn Japanese With This Action Platformer Heading For Switch

Shujinkou: Learn Japanese With This Action Platformer Heading For Switch

Shujinkou, an action game aimed at helping players learn to read Japanese, is heading for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Rice+ Games, Shujinkou promises a “story driven learning” experience that teaches the basics of the Japanese language through fun, action-packed gameplay and a deep JRPG-style story.

Check out a list of features below, along with some preview screenshots and concept art:


Learn Japanese

Learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana
Learn 500+ Kanji, radicals, and words
Learn phrases through NPC interactions
Signs scattered throughout the world provide insight into the lost language of Shujinkou
Collect artifacts that divulge the many adjectival secrets behind the world and language of Shujinkou
Defeat action-packed bosses with the power of language that you recover along your journey

Action and Story driven

High octane, action packed platformer gameplay
3 unique heroes with individual story arcs and arcs that tests the strength of our heroes’ bonds
25+ hour JRPG-style story spanning across 6 diverse environments around the world of Shujinkou
Explorable towns, complete with casinos and minigames enrich an already compelling world
Conquer numerous environments with a wide array of bosses and entertaining challenges & puzzles

While Shujinkou currently has no set release date, it is planned to come to Switch eventually. You can check out more details about the project on their official website.

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