SNES Classic Edition Prices Are Pretty Reasonable In Singapore

SNES Classic Edition Prices Are Pretty Reasonable In Singapore

It has been a couple of weeks since SNES Classic Mini prices were revealed in major Nintendo regions. Today, Maxsoft, the official Nintendo distributor in Southeast Asia, has released the wholesale price to retailers for the SNES Classic Edition. And it isn’t looking bad at all.

Online retailer ABXY has priced the retro system at SGD145, which is around USD106. Removing sales tax, this is equivalent to USD99.14.

Not too bad, given that the SNES Classic is priced between USD95.20 to USD96 in Germany and France before sales tax.

Another interesting point to note is the region seems to be getting the US version of the SNES Classic Edition, which is well known for its purple color scheme. The EU version of the NES Classic Mini was released last year in the region instead.

The product listing also states this particular model sold in Southeast Asia will not come with the US AC adapter, but only a USB charging cable.

The Southeast Asia pricing for the SNES Classic comes after a huge uproar back when we reported on Bergsala and CQE, two Nintendo distributors in Europe, taking advantage of the high demand for the SNES Classic Mini by pushing prices up at the distribution level.

The SNES Classic Edition is scheduled to launch in North America and Southeast Asia on September 29, 2017.