Sony: PS4 Censorship Policies Are To Protect Kids & Match “Global Standards”

Sony: PS4 Censorship Policies Are To Protect Kids & Match “Global Standards”

Previously, we reported that some Japanese games on PS4 were experiencing heavier censorship for sexual content compared to Nintendo Switch. For example, mature titles such as Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet will be missing some features on PS4.

Today, Sony Japan president Atsushi Morita finally commented on the matter. According to Morita, the increasing censorship of these Japanese PS4 games is to match “global standards” and “shield” children:

“Regarding the regulation of the depiction of content, it’s simply a matter of matching global standards.”

“As for the freedom of expression… we have to think about what might be unpleasant for children and shield them from those things while also thinking and assessing ways to find a balance [for that expression].”

Ironically, Morita’s statement seemingly overlooks sexually-suggestive content in Western-published PS4 games such as The Witcher III. Regardless of how PS4 fans feel, it seems like Sony is dead-set on sterilizing Japanese games on its platform – even if that hurts developers.

What do you think of Sony’s new stance on mature games? Should PS4 fans look elsewhere for games they want? Will PCs and the Nintendo Switch fill the void? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.