Splatoon 2 Producer: “It Is Possible” Inklings Are Cannibals

Splatoon 2 Producer: “It Is Possible” Inklings Are Cannibals

Splatoon is a franchise that managed to bring the dark genre of shooters into a colourful and child-friendly world, however, behind every beautiful image seems to contain a dark blimp.

Speaking to Kotaku, Splatoon 2 Producer, Hisashi Nogami, discussed about the Inklings’ diet. This, of course, dug up quite a big hole as Nogami explained that there are no mammals in the Splatoon world, so whatever the inhabitants poured into their cereals might not be milk. He also opened the possibility that the Inklings could potentially eat squids.

“One thing we know about the world of Splatoon is that mammals are basically gone,” said Nogami, seated across from me in a small room behind Nintendo’s booth. “So they don’t eat beef or pork or the meat of mammals.” With Splatoon 2 playing on a screen, Nogami walked his Inkling over to a corner in Inkopolis square where a bright ad played for cereal. A crab chowed down on a bowl of milky carbs. “There’s no mammals, so whatever is being poured over the cereal might not be milk,” Nagomi laughed.

So if Inklings eat fish, I asked, do they eat squids? “Inklings in this world are an evolved form of the squids in our world,” said Nogami. “Things like the food chain still exist.” Nogami said it’s possible that squids exist in Inkopolis the way they do IRL, adding that, if they do, “it’s definitely possible that an Inkling could potentially eat squids.”

Hopefully, after this revelation, you can still see the Inklings the same way as before.