“Strange Scraps” Tease New Team Rocket Content For Pokemon GO

“Strange Scraps” Tease New Team Rocket Content For Pokemon GO

For the past few weeks, Niantic has been teasing some kind of new Team Rocket content for Pokemon GO through reports from Professor Willow.

The hints this time comprise a series of scrap papers depicting a few Team GO Rocket Grunts putting together a hot air balloon as part of an evil plan to steal a trainer’s Pikachu.

If this sounds oddly familiar, its because it sound suspiciously like the kind of thing the Team Rocket duo from the anime would do, possibly adding to evidence that Jessie & James are coming to the game.

You can check out the scraps and full reports below:


We’ve gotten word from Professor Willow that the team leaders have found some eyebrow-raising scraps of paper while training with their buddies for the Pokémon GO Fest weekly challenges. He’s shared this log with us because the scraps seem to be related to Team GO Rocket, and he needs your help to figure out what they can possibly mean. We’ve prepared his report for you below and will continue to update it as he shares more of his findings.

—The Pokémon GO team

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

Date: 6/30/20

Subject: [Willow Report] Moonlit scraps

Blanche had left recently to do some research on sun- and moon-related Pokémon that were appearing during the solstice. Upon returning from a research excursion to study Clefairy, Blanche carefully placed scraps of paper on my desk.

“Something’s up,” Blanche muttered. Looking at the “R” logo on the paper, I knew that whatever it was, it wasn’t good. Blanche brought up the dark object that Trainers noticed in the background of a recent Clefairy image, surmising that these might somehow be related. The Team Mystic leader also mentioned that in the area where this image was taken, they saw some Team GO Rocket Grunts who were acting more suspicious than usual. This will require further investigation.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

Date: 7/2/20

Subject: [Willow Report] Sunny with a chance of scraps

After a day passed without any further clues, Spark came to my lab. He showed me two pieces of paper that depicted Team GO Rocket figures.

Spark said that he found the scraps about a week ago. When I asked him why it took so long for him to come forward with them, he simply responded, “I was out by the grass, hanging out with all the Bug-type Pokémon and looking for a Shiny Weedle, and I forgot I had them. Are they important?”

I gave him a weary look and told him that Blanche had brought in similar scraps of paper and that they’d also seen some Grunts acting suspiciously in the area. This seemed to have sparked a memory in the Team Instinct leader’s mind—while he was looking for the Shiny Weedle, he noticed some Grunts nearby pointing up at the sky. Maybe they were looking at the same object that was floating in the sky in the Clefairy image? Perhaps these occurrences are all connected somehow. This is quite peculiar…

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