Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply Announced For Switch

Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply Announced For Switch

Following the release of Suicide Guy on Nintendo Switch, a new chapter of the Suicide Guy series called Sleepin’ Deeply will be heading to the system later in 2018.

Sleepin’ Deeply features 3 to 4 hours of gameplay set inside Suicide Guy’s subconscious, a whole new story with unexpected plot twist, and more.

Check out the trailer and details below.

The game is a new chapter from the Suicide Guy series already released the last year, here a short description:In this new chapter of “Suicide Guy” you’ll be challenged with even more insane puzzles, generated by the surreal dreams of the Guy. You’ll encounter the weirdest of the living beings as you go deeper and deeper into his subconscious. This time to wake him up you’ll need all your concentration and

The game is a first person action-puzzle game set in a world of dreams.
You’ll assume the role of a nice big guy unable to wake up from his dreams. Your task is to help him to step out of them.

3 to 4 hours of pure gameplay set inside Suicide Guy’s subconscious
A whole new story with an unexpected plot twist
Physics based levels
Ultimate moves: able to pick up items, throw them, activate mechanisms and even burp.
Funny creatures to annoy
Vehicles to drive
New Collectible items to find

Gamers will have to use different items in every kind of situation by solving original brain teasers.
Despite the title, the game is NOT at all about suicide or depression.