Testing Out The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Demo At E3

Testing Out The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Demo At E3

Let’s see what the newest entry in the series has in store.

Nintendo hosted a demo of the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance title and the first to to come to a Nintendo console.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order shows a fascinating combination of old and new with their roster. As you start the game, you meet fan favorite private investigator Jessica Jones who gives you information about some crime happening in New York.

My description of that was vague partly because the random person who was partnered with me just skipped through the text but also because it wasn’t very memorable.

You get to play with a team of four characters meaning that four players can be in the game at once. They each have abilities that let them multiple enemies at once and use powerful attacks. I just couldn’t really tell what the effects were when people used them since the ones available weren’t very distinct and just didn’t look great.

I do love the roster that has been revealed so far which includes new characters that weren’t around in the last game in the series so it’s awesome to see new blood joining the Marvel video game universe. Ms.Marvel(Kamala Khan), Spider-Man(Miles Morales), and Spider-Gwen( Gwen Stacy from Earth 65) are all here and are great representation of the new generation of Marvel.

My biggest gripe is that the game just doesn’t look too good. And it’s not the artstyle that I’m talking about. Because compared to the upcoming Avengers game, I love MUA’s aesthetic. But what troubles me is the graphic quality which seems a bit cheap and the effects of moves are mostly big colorful lines. I just didn’t feel much impact from choosing any particular character.

There were also issues with staying together when doing multiplayer. It’s easy for players to get stuck behind walls and beign left behind if the Player One goes too far ahead. During battles, the camera zooms out sufficiently but the individual characters don’t have a lot of visual feedback on them to tell what’s happening to them.

While I am a huge comic book fan and was initially excited for this game, I just didn’t have a great taste of the game after playing the demo. This partly might have been by what they decided to show us to since enemies were all ninjas and the boss was just a triad of large ninjas.

The actual game might improve in terms of battle variety but a lot of the basics seem to need some work at first glance.