The Creator Of Sonic Has Always Dreamed Of Working At Nintendo

The Creator Of Sonic Has Always Dreamed Of Working At Nintendo

Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic, has always dreamed of working at Nintendo even after he left SEGA.

In an interview, Naka explained that while working at SEGA, he heard a developer working at another company received a call from Nintendo shortly after he resigned. When Naka left SEGA, he hoped that the same thing would happen to him, but unfortunately it didn’t.

Check out what Naka has to say below.

This might open an old wound, but … (Laughter) You left Sega right after doing Sonic, right?

Naka: Yes.

And I heard that you even approached Nintendo after resigning …?

Naka:  When I was returning from Tokyo to my home in Osaka, I decided to go through the Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto. In fact, I wanted to see how long it would take to travel from Osaka to the Nintendo offices. (Laughter) However, when I stopped my car in the parking lot, a security guard came out and started to look at me suspiciously. I got scared and decided to go home. (Laughter) If that security guard had not been there, who knows how different my future could have been …! (Laughter)

Naka:  While I was reading those books, I received a call from a third developer asking me if I could work for them. But the truth is that I was waiting for a call from Nintendo.

-Oh really?! (Laughter)

Naka: The reason I thought that was because a few months before I left Sega, I heard a story about another programmer from a great gaming company who had given up his job, and then Nintendo called him. I was like: “Wow, that could also happen to me!” (Laughter). Then, when I left Sega, I had the faint hope of receiving a call … but it never came. (Laughter) It was sad.