The Switch Collector Book Has Achieved Its Funding Goal On Kickstarter

The Switch Collector Book Has Achieved Its Funding Goal On Kickstarter

Earlier this week, Jeffrey Wittenhagen and Jonathan Polan revealed a new Kickstarter campaign for the first volume of The Switch Collector – a new book that will chronicle various physical releases during the Nintendo Switch’s first year. Well, fans will be happy to know that the book is indeed becoming a reality!

The campaign recently achieved its $10,000 basic funding goal, and is now sitting pretty at around $11,987. This means that the project will indeed be moving forward, and that supporters can expect to receive digital and printed copies of the book next year (if everything goes to plan). You can check out a word of thanks from Jeffrey Wittenhagen to his fans below:

“Thank You!”

“We are funded and getting close to unlocking our first stretch goal! That is going to be printing on the inside of the cover, which is something that has looked amazing in my latest book releases.

Thank you to all 160 backers so far for supporting and to everyone who is considering supporting the project. JP and I are trying to make this the best Switch book out there!  What would you like to see with the campaign? Do you want to see high quality pictures of something? Let us know. Here is the custom Switch Collector arcade!

The Custom Arcade is perfect for NES and SNES online games!

If you don’t know, we do a weekly podcast called the Switchmania Playcast. While the campaign is live we are going to address backer and questions directly there!

Here is a link to Episode 19 on Hagen’s Alley!

I will also be adding to our FAQ here on the page as questions come in. Thanks again for your support!”

As stated above, the campaign is on its way to hitting its next stretch goal of $15,ooo – which would allow for beautiful artwork on the inside of the book’s cover. Only time will tell if the campaign can hit this goal, and it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how much it makes overall!