ThinkGeek Shutting Down Its Website On July 2

ThinkGeek Shutting Down Its Website On July 2

ThinkGeek, an offshoot of GameStop selling video game merchandise, has announced its closing down their website on July 2, 2019.

Although the website is shutting down, the 40 or so ThinkGeek locations in the United States will continue to remain operational. ThinkGeek sections will also open up at GameStop locations for customers to purchase ThinkGeek products.

Here’s ThinkGeek’s full statement on the matter:

For the last two decades, we here at ThinkGeek have had more fun than a barrel of monkeys being the destination retailer for all things geek. In that time, we went from selling a single T-shirt, to running a growing online business that caught the eye of a pretty big company (who then adopted us!), to being a full-fledged retailer with over 40 actual, real-life stores. Today, we’re announcing that we’ll be moving back in with our roommates (ahem, parents) over at GameStop. We know, cohabitating with the ‘rents may not be the coolest thing to announce on social, but there will be some changes and we’re guessing you’ll have questions. Click the link for a full FAQ about our big move as well as some stuff our lawyers made us say –>

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