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Titan Quest Receives Multiplayer Mode Update

Titan Quest Receives Multiplayer Mode Update

THQ Nordic has released a major patch for Titan Quest, adding a new multiplayer split-screen mode. This will allow players to enjoy co-op play together.

Although the game will be out July 31 on Nintendo Switch, THQ Nordic says the same update will be included in the Switch version of the game.

Full patch notes can be found below.

  • New Multiplayer mode – Split screen added
  • Resize of multiple UI’s for better readability
  • Performance improvement
  • Many stability fixes, especially in multiplayer mode
  • Lots of UI fixes and tweaks
  • Gameplay fixes and tweaks from current Steam PC branch integrated
  • Fixed loot falling through ground – if detected it will teleport the loot to the player’s feet
  • Reworked streaming system and preloading to prevent items suddenly appearing. This is still work in progress for networking modes, so the current system is still in place
  • Fixed bugs where a character could become visually corrupted until reset (e.g. when frozen by certain enemies)
  • Difficulty now no longer reset incorrectly in menus
  • When a player is trapped by a net or a similar, the player can now attack and trigger other skills
  • Bug fixed when the enchanter would consume the entire stack instead of the required amount
  • Fixed issue where some achievements would fire incorrectly in multiplayer