Top 10 Pokemon Center Products for Pokemon GO Players

Top 10 Pokemon Center Products for Pokemon GO Players

The Pokemon Center sells a huge variety of official high quality merchandise – from plushies to T-shirts, and power banks to key-chains. There’s just too much to consider when choosing to buy something from the Pokemon Center.

As Amazon Japan now delivers Pokemon Center products worldwide (click here to learn how to purchase), we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Products that we recommend Pokemon GO players to get from the Pokemon Center.

1: Pokemon Center Original PokeBall Power Bank Anker 10,000 maH

The Pokemon Company and Anker have teamed up to create a high quality power bank that looks exactly like a PokeBall! The power bank has a capacity of 10,000 maH, just enough juice for your Pokemon GO adventures to last through the day.

A carabiner comes with the PokeBall Power Bank, so you can attach it to your jeans like this:

Click here to purchase.

2: Pokemon Center Original Pikachu Plush Hard Jacket for iPhone 7

This is a really unique product that will catch the attention of Pokemon fans! The hard jacket smartphone cover comes with a cute Pikachu plush attached to it, which feels soft to the touch. Note – it’s only compatible with iPhone 7.

Click here to purchase.

3: Pokemon Center Original PokeBall Backpack

Love PokeBalls? You will love this PokeBall Backpack! It’s perfect for school and work, as you can fit your books, laptops, and accessories into the backpack. The backpack has a height of 47cm and width of 32cm.

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4: Pokemon Center Original Lapras Plush

Lapras is one of Pokemon GO’s most well-liked and hardest to catch Pokemon out there. You can now literally catch a plush version of it so Lapras will never run away from you again. The official Lapras plush is 24cm tall and 31cm long.

Click here to purchase.

5: Pokemon Center Original Pikachu Power Bank Anker 5,200 maH

If the PokeBall power bank by Anker isn’t your thing, then this Pikachu power bank may be the perfect match for you. The Pikachu power bank is surrounded by Pikachu at every corner, and comes with a capacity of 5,200 maH.

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6: Pokemon Center Original NEW ERA Cotton Tee POKEMON GRAPHIX FB

Show your fiery passion for Charizard with this blazing T-shirt! It’s manufactured and designed by NEW ERA, a company well known for their high quality T-shirts.

Click the links below to purchase:

Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large

7: Pokemon Center Original Lifesize Pikachu Plush

This lifesize Pikachu plush from Pokemon Center is perfect for hugging and capturing the attention of Pokemon fans and kids alike. It stands at 50cm tall, which is Pikachu’s actual height in the Pokemon video games.

There’s another variation of the plush which features Pikachu smiling and its arms wide open. All Pikachu wants is a hug!

Click the links below to purchase:

Normal Variation / Smile Variation

8: Pokemon Center Original T-Shirt Full of Pikachu

This T-shirt simply screams “I’m a Pikachu fan!” to everyone who sees you. For the biggest Pikachu fans out there.

Wanna look classy? There’s a black variation of the T-shirt too.

Click the links below to purchase:

Yellow – Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large

Black – Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large

9: Pokemon Center Original Snorlax Plush OA

Snorlax is another Pokemon which many Pokemon GO fans love to bits. Now you have the chance to finally own this really huge Snorlax plush and hug it to sleep. Stands at 49cm tall, 46cm wide.

Click here to purchase.

10: Pokemon Center Original Mochi Mochi Cushion Kuttari Pikachu

Our final recommendation goes to the Mochi Mochi Cushion Kuttari Pikachu! The 48cm long Kuttari Pikachu can be treated like a soft cushion or a giant plush. It has a springy texture to it.

Click here to purchase.

And that comes to the end of our list of recommendations! Stay tuned for next month’s top 10 products, and keep up to date with Pokemon Center products by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.