Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Kouma Kishima” Trailer

Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Kouma Kishima” Trailer

Type-Moon Games has uploaded a new character trailer for their Melty Blood Type Lumina, the upcoming new entry in the Melty Blood fighting game/visual novel series.

This time, the trailer focuses on Kouma Kishima, head of the Kishima clan branch of the Tohno family. The trailer has him facing off against the previous featured character Shiki Tohno, showing off his moves and abilities.

Check it out below, along with additional details via via the game’s official website:

Head of the Kishima clan, a branch of the Tohno family. He is half demon. Even among mixed-bloods, his demon blood is strong, making him only barely human. Usually very quiet, he chooses to live as a hermit in a remote area of the mountains where he seeks to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Because of this, he often speaks of worldly ties and spirituality. His demeanor in battle, however, reflects his innate strength and demon blood. His ability to use Scorching Heat means those in his way are often burned to ash.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina launches September 30th for Switch.

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