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'Octogeddon,' A New Spin-Em-Up Coming May 16 On Switch | NintendoSoup
Wreak Havoc And Destroy Cities With ‘Octogeddon,’ A New Spin-Em-Up Coming May 16 On Switch

Wreak Havoc And Destroy Cities With ‘Octogeddon,’ A New Spin-Em-Up Coming May 16 On Switch

All Yes Good, an indie studio formed by the Plants vs Zombies creator George Fan, launches its first game for the Nintendo Switch!

Octogeddon features a massive mutant octopus with a mission to destroy the world! The game also allows deep customization wherein players can attach different animals as weapons to each of Octogeddon’s tentacles. The combinations are endless, and deciding what to upgrade is super satisfying!

Octogeddon launches on May 16 via the Switch eShop.

Check out the launch trailer and details below (via Steam):

You are Octogeddon, a massive mutant octopus with one mission: DESTROY the world! Grow more tentacles and evolve each of them into deadlier and deadlier weapons until you become the ultimate eight-legged killing machine!

Key Features:

  • Easy to pick up, hard to put down
  • Deep customization: Attach different animals as weapons to each of your arms! The combinations are endless, and deciding what to upgrade is super satisfying!
  • A variety of enemies each requiring different tactics to fight. And boss battles too!
  • Wreaking havoc and destroying cities as a massive mutant octopus = Great stress relief! Some doctors will agree!
  • You’ve played Shoot-Em-Ups, but have you ever played a brand new genre of game called Spin-Em-Up? Dive into this new experience and SPIN TO WIN!
  • From the guys that brought you the original Plants vs. Zombies
  • Ridiculously fun and ridiculously ridiculous!!