You Might Lose Your Dragon Quest XI S Progress If You Switch Between 3D And 2D

You Might Lose Your Dragon Quest XI S Progress If You Switch Between 3D And 2D

Today we have a very important piece of information to share with players switching across the 3D and 2D modes in Dragon Quest XI S.

Due to the way Dragon Quest XI S was developed, it is possible to lose your progress if you switch between 3D and 2D too often. In order to avoid this while switching between 3D and 2D, you must complete the current chapter you are playing first, and select it the moment it appears when you’re headed for the next chapter.

If you save in the middle of a chapter, you will have to start over the next time you play the game. For the full explanation, see what Reddit user passerbytiredoldman has to say:

  1. Be sure to save in a different file in case you mess up and lose hours of progress

  2. When switching from 3D to 2D (or vice versa), you don’t continue where you immediately left off; it seems like you choose a “chapter” to start from. No matter what chapter you start though, all of your levels, items, and equipment carry over.

  3. To unlock “chapters” to choose, you have complete it. The new chapters seem to show up when you finish the main quest in a certain town/chapter and are on the way to the next town/chapter.

  4. Now the big warning – If you pick a prior chapter than the current one you’re on, it resets the entire story to that chapter. So as an example, you’re on chapter 4 of the story and you were curious about the 2D mode, so you pick the very beginning. Your levels and inventory carry back with you, but this seems to “reset” the entire story back to the beginning, so if you accidentally did this on your main save file (like me), you have to play through the story all the way again. When you try to make the switch back to 3D, the only chapter you’ll have available is the beginning and you need to unlock the chapters again by progressing through the story.

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