Young Shigeru Miyamoto Ponders Whether He’s A Manager Or Game Creator

Young Shigeru Miyamoto Ponders Whether He’s A Manager Or Game Creator

An interesting interview from the 1990s taken inside Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto has surfaced on the Internet.

The interview (translated by NintendoSoup for this article), which features many different people at Nintendo, included a young Shigeru Miyamoto who was working on Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES at that time.

First, Miyamoto explained why Mario looked like a plumber wearing a cap. Due to the technical limitations of video game hardware at that time, he wanted to make Mario look special so he stood out.

When asked by the interviewer what he thought of Nintendo’s competitors such as SEGA, the young Miyamoto said he didn’t care about what the competition was doing and was only interested in making the highest quality video games.

Miyamoto also briefly spoke about young people who were in school that were thinking about video games. He believed young people playing video games help to spur imagination which is a good thing when they grow up.

Last but not least, Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo’s budget for developing video games is “unlimited” and he’s still pondering whether he is a game creator or a manager.

If you are interested to learn more, check out the video below (German dub):

Thanks to NintendoSoup German correspondent Manuel for helping with translating the German dub.