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August 22 In Japan, Pre-Order Bonuses, Box Art Cover Revealed | NintendoSoup
Action-RPG Oninaki Launches August 22 In Japan, Pre-Order Bonuses, Box Art Cover Revealed

Action-RPG Oninaki Launches August 22 In Japan, Pre-Order Bonuses, Box Art Cover Revealed

Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory recently announced that ONINAKI will be launching this August in Japan!

In Japan, the action-RPG will be released in both retail and digital formats on 22nd August 2019. Pre-orders are now live via Amazon Japan and Square Enix e-Store.

Amazon Japan pre-purchase bonus includes a set of five original washi postcards. Meanwhile, the Square Enix e-Store offers an exclusive double pocket clear file (A4 size) for each pre-order.

Amazon Japan Pre-order Bonus:

Square Enix e-Store Exclusive:

Finally, take a good look at the beautiful Japanese Oninaki box art cover below:

ONINAKI is an all-new action-RPG inspired by the classic Japanese role-playing games. The game is slated for release in the west this Summer 2019.