amiibo Shovel Knight Gold Edition Announced

amiibo Shovel Knight Gold Edition Announced

UPDATE (September 7, 2019): After close to a year, NintendoSoup has finally been proven that we were right all along. Thanks to those who stuck with us!

Today we have a special piece of news to share with fans of Shovel Knight and amiibo collectors.

Yacht Club Games will be releasing a gold version of the Shovel Knight amiibo. It’s called amiibo Shovel Knight Gold Edition. The entire amiibo has a gold-yellow look and it’s scheduled to launch in Q2 2019.

See below to get a rough idea of how it will look like:

No further details have been released, but NintendoSoup Store is now taking pre-orders (with free international shipping and tracking). While stocks last.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE (December 14, 2018 PT):

There’s been a lot of buzz since we last posted this article so we’ve decided to put an update out.

First, the offer was sent out by the same distributor which offered to us the physical version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima. We know the people who work there (and even visited them!) as they have worked with Nintendo as an official distributor for the Southeast Asia region for over 30 years.

Second, as far as we can tell the offer was sent to all retailers (both export and those based in the region) alongside an offer for the Shovel Knight amiibo Triple Pack. The image you see above was provided in the same offer sheet, so we obviously watermarked it before we shared it with you.

Third, the offer sheet had absolutely no embargo. We respect embargo for all sorts of information that our partners at PR, distribution, and retail share with us.

Now, we’ve heard Yacht Club Games informing fans on Twitter that the listing is incorrect and they have “requested it to be taken down”. Up till now, we have not received an official request or clarification from Yacht Club Games and are still waiting for this.

We are confident that the product we received in the offer sheet is real, based on our relationship with the distributor and what we’ve heard from other retailers of said distributor.

NintendoSoup has always delivered accurate information to readers. We were the first to prove the authenticity of the Eevee Tamagotchi leak, confirmed English support for many Japanese Capcom physical releases before they were listed on the eShop, and was the first to break the news on multiple products.