Asamizu Reveals New Kirby School Products

Asamizu Reveals New Kirby School Products

Asamizu Company, a firm that specializes in making products for school use, has brought back their previous lineup of official Kirby products.

The products are now available for purchase on Rakuten Japan (ships within Japan only). Here’s a look at what’s available:

Kirby Face Towel – 680 yen each (Kirby, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, King Dedede designs) – 30cm by 30cm

Kirby Copy Ability Towel Roll – 1800 yen – 60cm by 120cm

Kirby Backpack – 3680 yen – 33cm by 22cm by 13cm

Kirby Copy Ability Knapsack – 1850 yen – 33cm by 40cm

Kirby Copy Ability Shoes Case – 1500 yen – 21cm by 29cm

Kirby Copy Ability Lesson Bag – 2000 yen – 39cm by 31cm

UPDATE – Looks like this is a reprint. Thanks, NintendoTweet

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